The PRODUCTION AND EMPLOYMENT SECTION OF LEGACOOP LOMBARDY associates cooperative businesses in Lombardy operating in three specific areas: construction, industry and services (consulting, design and research).

The Production and Employment section promotes, represents, supports and protects its member undertakings by managing contractual policies, financial instruments, training facilities, conventions and targeted activities such as collecting and analysing business data, dissemination of sector information (from tenders and funding for meetings and conferences) and supports communication strategies. In addition to the management of employment contracts (administrative, legal, economic and fiscal), the sector provides services for relations with industrial and trade unions (Construction Funds, legislation).

There are more than fifty Lombard Production and Employment Cooperatives. These cooperatives are mostly distributed in the industrial sector, followed by the construction and service industry sectors. Most of the companies are concentrated in the area of Milan, followed by the provinces of Mantua and Brescia.

The cooperatives of Production and Employment has always held an important role in the cooperation, with the aim of providing its members-workers employment with the best possible conditions and to ensure continuity through the production of goods and services.


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