The SERVICES DEPARTMENT consists of the Employment Cooperatives that develop activities in different fields providing services to people, institutions and companies in Lombardy.

Member cooperatives operate in:

Handling of Goods and Logistics,

Transportation of People,

Cleaning, Sanitation and Environmental Services,

Surveillance Services,

Collective Catering,

Commercial Services.

The integration of various services and the quality of provision are the focus of the Services Department’s initiative that enhances the offer and the image of member companies.

This has led to a significant diversification of services for members:


Direct consultation in corporate and labour law

Support for administrative and management issues

Support in financial management and credit facilities

Training and information on specific themes

An important activity of the Department regards the promotion of the setting up of new cooperatives with proposals for support and facilitation for new businesses of young entrepreneurs or the weak areas of the labour market and inspiring entrepreneurial businesses with principles of solidarity and mutual assistance, which are the constituent elements of the cooperative movement.


Ph.+39  02.28456501