Legacoop Lombardy, in the field since 1886 to promote mutual assistance

Founded in 1886, the National League of the Cooperatives and Associations is the oldest of Italian cooperatives.

Legacoop works to promote the development of cooperation and mutual assistance, solidarity and economic relations of member cooperatives and to encourage the dissemination of the cooperative principles and values. The other 15 thousand member cooperatives are active in all regions and all production sectors. They are excellences in areas such as the distributive, building, agri-food, service, and manufacturing industries and have established important companies working in the insurance, finance and credit sector. Moreover, Legacoop represents, assists and protects the cooperative movement and is vigilant of member cooperatives. It ensures the coordination and development of strategies and policies; establishes and manages relations with the government, the two Houses of Parliament, ministries, parliamentary committees as well as the political, economic and social forces.

The association structure is divided into departments that organize cooperatives in relation to the various spheres of activity, and into regional and provincial Legacoops that deal with the territorial dimension.

Currently, Legacoop Lombardy has more than 1,046 member cooperatives active throughout the region of Lombardy, a total of 1,515,067 members and 33,211 employees with a production value of more than 4 billion Euro.

In turn, Legacoop Lombardy is structured into sector associations and departments representing, promoting and protecting political, economic and social institutions in the development of legislative proposals in favour of the members. It also provides study, research and information incentive initiatives, technical assistance and specific consulting for various corporate needs relating to the evolution of their respective markets