The AGRI-FOOD Association promotes the establishment of cooperatives and other forms of association between workers and farmers, assists members with technical, administrative, legal and tax issues as well as in financial and commercial relations that could help strengthen and improve cooperative farms; finally, it develops relations between the members and trade unions and public bodies, intervenes in the entering of contracts and helps members with in g of contracts and assist members in resolving any labour disputes.

Moreover, the Association promotes network and supply chain projects to promote development and employment in disadvantaged areas. The Association’s agricultural cooperation economic program, which fits into the broader context of the European Union’s objectives, is to develop a current agricultural model and increase internal and external competitiveness.

The agri-food cooperation belonging to Agri-Food Legacoop has assigned the following business strategies in order to achieve the objectives above:

Integration and mergers between cooperatives in order to achieve adequate scale economies,

Partnerships with agricultural cooperatives of the EU,

Internationalisation strategies,

Strategic marketing aimed to enhance the quality and origin of products,

Multifunctional development of agricultural businesses and rural areas.

Furthermore, the Agri-food Legacoop of Northern Italy intends to provide consumers with certified guarantees on the quality and safety of products by controlling all segments of the supply chain – from production to distribution. This will enable them to provide clear and coded information on the traceability of agri-food products created within the system of participating cooperative companies.


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