The protection of purchasing power of members and consumers, commitment to the defence of health, quality and safety of products, the promotion of responsible consumption and environmental protection as a common good, are founding axes of modern consumer cooperatives. In Lombardy, the Association is made up of large, medium and small cooperatives.
In particular, it deals with:

Ensuring small and medium cooperatives are represented in national and regional thematic discussions;

Supporting the cooperatives in optimisation and contractual management of human resources;

Supporting the cooperatives in risk analysis and controlling critical points to prevent hazards relating to food safety (HACCP Protocol);

Supporting the cooperatives in restructuring sales points through Coop Fidi CAT soc. coop;

Acquiring and processing data relative to sales of the associates on a monthly basis;

Drawing up an annual survey of consumer cooperatives in Lombardy regarding the number of members, number of sales points, number of employees, sales volume and the amount of social loans;

Supporting the preparation of articles for the Lombard edition of ``CoopInforma``;

Encouraging the dissemination of consumer awareness through the SapereCoop guide, educational activities specifically designed for schools and targeted communication activities.


Associazione Lombarda Cooperative di Consumatori
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