The NATIONAL COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION BETWEEN RETAILERS/ANCD is the political and trade union structure of Cooperatives belonging to the Conad National Consortium.
The Association operates to ensure that the cooperation between independent business entrepreneurs is the protagonist of processes, skills and innovation of the Italian distribution network and is able to better respond to the needs and expectations of customers, consumers and other stakeholders.

For this purpose, the ANCD is responsible for:


Assisting and protecting associated cooperatives;

Formulating association policies of the Conad ANCD system with particular attention paid to enhancing the role of entrepreneurs and the associated cooperative governance;

Creating managerial projects with significance for the System;

Encouraging and promoting legislative proposals for the Association system;

Representing and supporting cooperation between retailers in dealing with national and international institutions, local and central governments, and economic, political, labour, national social, EU and international organisations.

ANCD is the sectorial coordinator of Legacoop, the National League of Cooperatives and Associations.


Associazione Nazionale Cooperative Dettaglianti
Via A. Guattani 9
00161 Roma
Ph: +39 06.4403 689
Fax 06.4425 2780