The Cooperative Clubs and other important cooperative companies refer to this sector. These realities deal with and provide Tourism and Culture services including the operation of Theatres and concert venues.:

Provides members with an information desk on corporate and administrative compliance, the management of contracts, regional legislation on provision and catering businesses and may also use expert consultancy in civil and administrative law

Stipulates agreements in favour of cooperative circle members in order to provide mutuality within the cooperatives through the membership card

Organises coordinated initiatives to promote the clubs within their territories and with local governments

Works with institutions to ensure interventions supporting the clubs and, in particular, the regional contribution provided by Law 21/2003.

The Association collaborates with the Fincircoli Cooperatives of Lombardy coop. consortium in:


Conclude agreements with suppliers of goods (products for sale and equipment) and services (banking, insurance, legal consultancy and management) in favour of cooperatives and operators

Provide opportunities for compulsory (former health booklet, safety) and voluntary (courses for directors and shareholders) training,

Helps with contribution and funding requests.